Baby eggplant stuffed with vegetables, fresh herbs, garlic 9
and topped with melted feta cheese
Grilled Octopus
Drizzled with olive oil, red wine vinegar, oregano & capers 15
Fried Calamari
Served with marinara sauce and chipotle mayonnaise 12
Grilled sausage, keftedakia, grilled zucchini, 14
roasted red peppers, kefalotiri cheese and a side of tsatsiki
Kefalotiri cheese broiled and flambé with brandy tableside 9
Grilled greek sausage served with roasted red peppers 10
Spinach Pie
Crispy phyllo filled w. spinach, herbs & feta cheese 8
Fried chickpea patties served with tahini and tsatsiki sauce 7
Greek meatballs served with a side of tsatsiki sauce 10
Dolmades (hot)
Grape leaves stuffed with ground beef, rice, fresh herbs 10
and topped with avgolemono sauce
Fresh green beans braised with fresh herbs 8
in a light tomato sauce
Dolmadakia (cold)
Grape leaves stuffed with rice and fresh herbs 7
served with a side of tsatsiki
Feta Cheese
Drizzled with olive oil and served with a side 9
of roasted red peppers
Healthy Extras for dipping
Side of cucumber sticks 4
Side of carrot sticks 4
Lemon, chicken and rice
Lentils and mixed vegetables 5
Green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, onions, 10
green peppers, cucumbers, peperoncini, feta cheese, dolmadakia and house vinaigrette dressing
Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta cheese, 10
olive oil and oregano
Fresh Beets
Olive oil, red wine vinegar and oregano 10
served with skordalia
Health Nut
Baby spinach, radicchio, baby arugula, kidney beans, 10
walnuts, red onions and honey vinaigrette dressing
Niko’s Green
Romaine lettuce, scallions, dill, cucumbers, peppers, 10
feta cheese and tossed with olive oil and red wine vinegar
Spinach & Artichoke
Baby spinach, roasted red peppers, walnuts, artichokes, 10
feta cheese and honey vinaigrette dressing
Mixed Field Greens
Baby spinach, radicchio, baby arugula, tomatoes, carrots, 10
onions and balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Red Kidney Beans
Tossed with red onions, scallions, garlic, fresh parsley 9
and marinated in olive oil and red wine vinegar
Calamari & Shrimp
Fresh calamari and shrimp marinated in lemon, 12
parsley, garlic, onions, oregano and olive oil
FOOD ALLERGIES? – If you have a food allergy, speak to owner, manager, chef, or your server.
Served with french fries or rice
Slices of seasoned ground lamb with lettuce, onions, 11
tomatoes and tsatsiki, wrapped in pita
Chicken Gyro
Slices of seasoned ground chicken with lettuce, onions, 11
tomatoes and tsatsiki, wrapped in pita
Fried chickpea patties with lettuce, onions, 11
tomatoes and tsatsiki, wrapped in pita
Marinated chicken breast or pork tenderloin with 11
lettuce, onions, tomatoes and tsatsiki wrapped in pita
Lamb Souvlaki
Marinated top round lamb with lettuce, 13
onions, tomatoes and tsatsiki wrapped in pita
Choice of gyro, felafel, chicken breast or pork tenderloin 11
with french fries, onions, tomatoes and tsatsiki all wrapped together in pita
Lamb Greek
Marinated top round lamb with french fries, 13
onions, tomatoes and tsatsiki all wrapped together in pita
Chicken Wrap
Marinated chicken breast, roasted red peppers 13
and haloumi cheese wrapped in pita
Grilled Chicken
Marinated chicken breast served on a fresh wedge 11
with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mayonnaise
10 oz. Sirloin Burger
Char-grilled hamburger served on a fresh bun 11
with lettuce, tomatoes and onions
American Cheese 2
Feta Cheese 2
Substitute Side Vegetable 2
Slices of seasoned rotisserie ground lamb served 16
with rice, vegetable and tsatsiki
Lamb Souvlaki
2 sticks of marinated top round lamb 21
char-grilled & served with rice, vegetable and tsatsiki
Lamb Chops
T-bone lamb loin marinated with fresh herbs and spices 28
char-grilled & served with roasted potatoes, vegetable and tsatsiki
Skirt Steak
Marinated char-grilled USDA prime skirt steak 28
served with roasted potatoes and vegetable
Chicken Gyro
Slices of marinated ground chicken 16
char-grilled & served with rice, vegetable and tsatsiki
Chicken Souvlaki
2 sticks of marinated chicken breast 17
char-grilled & served with rice, vegetable and tsatsiki
Pork Souvlaki
2 sticks of marinated farm raised pork tenderloin 17
char-grilled & served with rice, vegetable and tsatsiki
Shrimp Souvlaki
6 marinated jumbo white shrimp 21
char-grilled & served with rice, vegetable and tstatsiki
Atlantic Wild Salmon
Lightly seasoned char-grilled atlantic salmon 23
served with rice and vegetable
Fresh Catch of the Day
Whole fish, char-grilled and served with rice and vegetable MP
Layers of ground beef, feta and tubed macaroni, topped 15
with a generous layer of bechamel cream sauce
Layers of ground beef, eggplant, zucchini, and potatoes 15
topped with a generous layer of bechamel cream sauce
Sautéed Broccoli 5
French Fries 4
Oven Roasted Potatoes 5
walnuts and honey wrapped in phyllo 5
greek custard cream wrapped in phyllo 5
greek walnut cake 5
rice pudding 5
Greek Yogurt
with honey and crushed walnuts 5
Iced Cream / Gelato / Sorbet
a variety of flavors 6
Greek Coffee 2.50
Frappe 4.00
Espresso 2.50
Cappuccino 4.00
American Coffee 2.00
Hot Tea 2.00
Wine List
Red Wine
200. Nemea, Megapanos v/v 44
Agiorgitiko grapes represent a robust bodied wine with a smooth round taste. Pairs with grilled meats, hard cheeses and red sauces.
201. Nemea, Tsantalis v/v 32
This light bodied, dry wine made from the Agiorgitiko grape pairs well with most dishes, especially fish.
202. Nemea, Boutari v/v 34
Velvet taste, good structure and balance with a round and long aromatic aftertaste. Agiorgitiko grape.
204. Naoussa Reserve, Boutari v/v 42
From the Xinamavro grape, Naoussa Reserve goes wonderfully with dishes of game, with spicy sauces and yellow cheeses
205. Naoussa, Strofilia v/v 38
An indigenous red wine grape variety grown in Naoussa, Macedonia. It has plum, boysenberry and fig flavors, and a touch of raisin and fennel.
206. Flieria, Boutari v/v 56
Cabernet grapes from the Fileria Region
209. Chateau Julia, Costa Lazarides v/v 38
Merlot grapes from the Drama region. Spending 12 months in French oak, Chateau Julia pairs nicely with red meats and rich red sauces.
210. Amethystos, Costa Lazarides v/v 38
A dry red wine consisting of Cabernet, Merlot and Limnio grapes. It has flavors of red forest fruits, notably blackberry and gooseberry. Staff Favorite.
211. Cava Amethystos, Costa Lazarides v/v 66
Cabernet grapes make up this spicy and exciting wine that has strong tannins and a long finish. Pairs well with a steak.
212. Rapsani Reserve, Tsantalis v/v 44
Made up of Xinomavro, Krassato and Stavroto grapes, this elegant and lush wine is a great accompaniment to game and dark meats. 90 points Wine and Spirits +Staff Favorite
213. Agiorgitiko, Protopapas v/v 36
A red medium dry wine produced by the monks at "Monoxeletis" estate of "Mount Athos." Aged in oak barrels and usually served chilled
214. Organics, Tsantalis v/v 54
Made of Cabernet grapes, this wine pairs well with Mousaka and Lamb dishes
217. Metoxi, Tsantalis v/v 60
Cabernet and Limnio grapes make up this spicy, herbal and rich wine. +89 points from Wine & Spirits and Wine Enthusiast
218. Katogi Averoff, Strofilia v/v 38
A blend of Cabernet and Agiorghitiko grapes make up this complex red that has a soft fullness and rich aromatic qualities.
219. Vivlia Chora, ESTATE, v/v 44
Variety: cabernet, merlot
420. Faith, St. Hallett V/V (South Australia) 38
A fruit filled Shiraz from the Barossa Valley of South Australia.
421. Zinfandel, Rancho Zabaco v/v (CA) 36
A robust wine that is full of spice from Sonoma County.
422. Rise rva Tan, Ruth no v/v (Italy) 46
Sangiovese grapes from the Chianti Classico Hills.
423. Rise rva Ducale Oro, Ruffino v/v (Italy) 80
This Chianti Classico Riserva has a solid structure and elegant perfumes.
424. Villa Antinori, Antinori v/v (Italy) 52
This blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah is full bodied with soft tannins and a finish of red berries.
425. Amarone, Bertani 1995 (Italy) 300
This dry, full bodied and amply structured wine is made of Corvina and Rondinella grapes from the Valpolicella Area.
219. Chateau Des Jacques, Domaine Louise Jadot, v/v 50
Variety: cabernet, limnio
White Wine
100. Santorini, Boutari v/v 36
A brilliant pale yellow with the aroma and taste of ripe red apples. This wine made with Assyrtiko grapes, pairs well with a rich fish dish.
102. Santorini, Thalassitis, Gaia v/v 38
Made from lemon crisp Assyrtiko grapes out of the island of Santorini's black volcanic soil with floral, mineral and citrus characters. Wine and Spirits magazine 93 points
103. Santorini, Koutsoyiannopoulos v/v 38
After five months of aging, this family winery produces a fresh, fruityand dry wine.
104. Agioritikos, Tsantali v/v 38
A balanced and pleasant taste with touches of green apple and vanilla. Pairs well with fish and vegetable dishes.
105. Moschofilero, Boutari v/v 34
A refreshing wine with enticing citrus, floral and melon aromas and along aromatic aftertaste. 'Staff favorite/ Food & Wine Magazine "Star Selection"
106. Moschofilero, Nasiakos v/v 34
A creamy texture with green plum, bright citrus and chamomile notes.
107. Moschofilero, Hatzipavlou v/v 38
This aromatic grape has crisp character and a beautiful floral aroma of roses and violets.
110. Savatiano, Megapanos v/v 32
A dry wine with crystal clear color, a soft refreshing taste on the palate and a fine aroma. Comparable to a Pinot Grigio. Wonderful with any type of seafood.
111. Retsina, Kourtakis v/v 30
Dry slightly piquant wine which owes its characteristics flavor of the pine resin added during fermentation.
112. Retsina Ritinitis, Gala v/v 30
Refreshing wine balanced perfectly between pine and grapes "a hip retsina."
114. Retsina, Malamatina v/v 17
Has a unique aroma and flavour from the addition of a small amount of pine resin to the wine. (500 mL)
115. Amethystos, Costa Lazaridis v/v 34
A blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Assyrtico grapes produced in the Drama Region.
118. Meliasto Rose, Spiropoulos v/v 32
Moschofilero grapes from the organically cultivated vineyards in the Arkadia region. Dry wine with aromas of roses, cassis and berries.
119. Ovilos, BIBLIA CHORA , v/v 34
Variety: blend
318. Rheinhessen, Starling Castle v/v (Germany) 34
Tangy, fruity sweet light-to-medium body of ripe peach, yellow apple, lime and mineral flavors. World Wine Championships Award: Silver Medal
319. Chalk Hill, Rodney Strong v/v (CA) 42
A creamy and crisp Chardonnay fermented in French oak. Wine Enthusiast 90 points
521. Prosecco, Santa Margherita v/v (Italy) 38
Sparkling wine with a clean nose, pleasantly fruity with whiffs of rennet apples and peach blossoms. Delicate, balanced taste. Wine and Spirits 91 points
522. Asti Spumante, Martini & Rossi v/v (Italy) 36
A fruity sparkling wine made from Moscato Bianco grapes from northern Italy.